Live Simply Annual Stewardship Emphasis Resources Are Now Available

Live Simply, based on Philippians 4:11, is the theme for just-released stewardship resources published by the Ecumenical Stewardship Center. The Ecumenical Stewardship Center offers resources that together provide a creative, comprehensive, and thought-provoking approach to encourage faithful stewardship that leads to generous giving. Live Simply is the second of four planned themes that focus on 1 Timothy 6:18-19 and the phrase "take hold of the life that really is life."  Other themes are Live Free, Live Generously, and Live Courageously. Live Simply includes four sub-themes: Live Simply, Follow Jesus; Live Simply, Face the Truth; Live Simply, Act Together; and Live Simply, Share Enough.

Volume 18 of the Giving: Growing Faithful Stewards in Your Congregation magazine includes articles that provide theological reflection on Live Simply and each of the sub-themes, practical guidelines and suggestions to improve all aspects of a congregation's stewardship program, and a special focus on encouraging generosity in younger generations. Writers are stewardship thought leaders from across Canada and the US and include Adam Hamilton, Nathan Dungan, and Shane Claiborne. Giving also contains an eight-page center section containing an easily-adaptable Live Simply stewardship emphasis, with a suggested timeline, worship ideas, ways to involve children and youth, and insights to incorporate electronic communication. It also includes reviews of additional stewardship materials.

Theme materials complement the magazine and center section, and help congregations create a stewardship emphasis that is recognizable and consistent. Theme materials include a poster, bulletin inserts, letterhead and envelopes, bookmarks, bulletin covers in two sizes, commitment cards for adults and children, and a series of four 90-second "worship starter" videos with one for each Live Simply sub-theme. Want to preview print materials before buying a quantity? Purchase a Sample Packet, or a Sample Packet PLUS (includes a copy of the magazine at a more than 50% savings over the retail price).

The digital Companion Resource includes additional timeline options, theme-based worship materials, children's sermons, sermon starters, and Bible studies for youth and adults. 

All materials are available for purchase in the ESC Web Store.



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