Ecumenical Stewardship Center

Ecumenical Stewardship Center is in charge of inspiring, uniting, and offering Christian steward leaders the proper resources. By using our resources, leaders can create a significant relationship with a generous God.

ESC was launched as a non-profit organization in 1980. It started as a part of the United Stewardship Council of the Christian Church in the United States and Canada.

ESC's mission

Our organization's mission is to preserve prophetic, generous, innovative, and collaborative values among our members. Our goal is to support ministries of congregations and denominations all the way. We also want to offer learning and teaching opportunities in Christian stewardship for theological students, pastors, educators, laity, and stewardship professionals.

ESC's main resources

Our goal is achieved through annual events, publications, and professional growth chances on Christian stewardship. You can always access our website and fill in a form that allows you to use our Resources.

The ESC supports educational events to arouse interest among the stewardship ministries of our congregations, church-related institutions, denominations, and organizations.

If you want to come at any of our events, please check our Events section.

Our organization's events

An essential event is the biennial North American Conference on Christian Philanthropy. It has lots of workshops and educational chances on stewardship.

Another one is the North American Stewardship Conference. It takes place every 2 or 4 years in Canada or the USA. This event unites congregational stewardship ministries' pastors and leaders. During this meeting, you will be able to review and understand better biblical and theological foundations of stewardship. You can also achieve new tools for ministry.

One of our most significant events is Leadership Seminar – a meeting held every year with stewardship ministries' members. These are real experts that provide energizing and supportive content that inspires steward leaders. The event is based on sessions and discussions about current research, theological thought, and practical application possibilities.

In addition to that, our organization has various extensive biblically-based materials about stewardship programs. A great example is Giving: Growing Faithful Stewards in Your Congregation magazine.

Staying on the right road

Our mission is to keep our members on the right spiritual road. But doing that when you have to worry about money is difficult. We don't have the ability to teach our members about managing money. That is why we direct them to our friends - Church Lenders Directory, Online Cash Advances - DLL, Mustard Seed Foundation. Each website of these partners has thorough educational materials, teaching how to approach money issues correctly.

We believe that through love, education, patience, and belief we can create a better world.