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Capital campaigns are more than occasions to raise funds for your congregation and its ministries. They are opportunities to invest in capacity and relationships. Those who contract with reputable consultative capital campaign services experience more satisfactory results than those who attempt this endeavor on their own.

Through its Capital Campaign Network, the Ecumenical Stewardship Center (ESC) offers professional and cost-effective capital campaign services to congregations and other religious groups as part of its mission and ministry of providing a variety of stewardship resources. Because of their involvement and association with congregations, judicatories, and denominations, ESC Network consultants have the unique advantage of understanding the denominational culture of a congregation. The ESC Capital Campaign Network’s goal is to assist in the successful implementation of a capital campaign and in the process raise awareness of and strengthen the relationship of a congregation to the wider church. First priority is given to matching you to a provider who has deep respect for and an understanding of your faith tradition.

The costs of the services of the ESC Campaign Network are lower than many firms because the overhead is considerably lower. Consulting firms that cost more usually have fixed costs associated with overhead and keeping a sales force employed. The ESC Campaign Network has developed a network of experts who offer their services with shared administrative costs.

The Network provides consulting services for a variety of situations. Examples are building expansion, building maintenance and repair, debt retirement, and mission involvement. Capital campaign services are custom-built, including the selection of the best consultant for the situation. The consultant is not a salesperson, but the person who will actually provide consultation from beginning to end. Consultants will adapt and troubleshoot throughout a campaign.

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