Denominational Partners


Ecumenical Stewardship Center denominational partners contribute strategically, creatively, and financially in the common stewardship ministry of ESC, and take an active role in living out ESC's mission, vision, and purpose by participating in the development of ESC's products, events, and services.

The Ecumenical Stewardship Center welcomes inquiries from Christian denominations and faith groups regarding joining our Network of Growing Stewards as a partner denomination. Please contact us for more information.

Partner Denominations

African Methodist Episcopal Church logoAfrican Methodist Episcopal Church

American Baptist Church USA logoAmerican Baptist Churches USA

Barnabas Foundaiton logoBarnabas Foundation, on behalf of the Christian Reformed Church

Christian Church-Disciples of Christ logoThe Center for Faith and Giving of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Church of the Brethren logoChurch of the Brethren

Community of Christ logoCommunity of Christ

Cumberland Presbyterian Church logoCumberland Presbyterian Church

Episcopal Church logoThe Episcopal Church Foundation, on behalf of the Episcopal Church


Evangelical Covenant Church logo


Evangelical Covenant Church


Evangelical Lutheran Church in America logoEvangelical Lutheran Church in America

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada logoEvangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Friends United Meeting logo


Friends United Meeting


Everence logo

Everence, on behalf of Mennonite Church USA


Moravian Church logoMoravian Church - Northern Province

The Presbyterian Church in Canada


Presbyterian Church USA logoThe Presbyterian Foundation, on behalf of the Presbyterian Church USA

United Church of Canada logoThe United Church of Canada

United Church of Christ logoUnited Church of Christ

United Methodist Church logo The United Methodist Church