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Sharing God’s message of hope and equipping Christian stewardship leaders is needed now as much as ever before. So it is with great regret that the Ecumenical Stewardship Center Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to dissolve the Ecumenical Stewardship Center corporation in 2021.

Ecumenical Stewardship Center ministry programs will continue until the end of March 2021, including planned events, professional group gatherings, and access to resources.

The Ecumenical Stewardship Center Board and staff are grateful for your engagement. We will hold you in prayer at this time as together we navigate multi-dimensional challenges in ministry. It will be our joy and privilege to continue to serve you for the next six months.

Most Sincerely,

Marcia Shetler, Executive Director/CEO

Ecumenical Stewardship Center


  • Hello– Marcia
    after i was invited to sit on the board of our church foundation at Foothills UMC here in La Mesa, CA I took it upon myself to learn about how stewardship, generosity and planned giving work. Complete novice.

    I’ve been a follower of this website for a while. I also follow Christian Stewardship Network among many others! I was astonished to discover that StewardshipCentral.org– a huge and useful website just “poof” up and disappeared off the radar within the last year or so.

    What are your plans for managing the wealth of information on your website?

    I wrote to Leo Sabo, the president of Christian Stewardship Network, (CSN) about your dissolution notice and wondered out loud how these resources might be incorporpated in their program– I have no idea how this would work. It would be shame for the collection to disappear into the ethers as did Stewardship Central.

    . . I’ve been collecting information for the past trhee years on Stewardship– a complete novice. I came to realize that entire wealth of information is almost worthless– because I don’t have the training to be able to put together a stewardship ministry, education program, messaging or branding.

    CSN just recently started offering education training on their website.

    For what it is worth– I am saddened to hear of this necessity to dissolve.

    Kind regards,
    Elaine northcutt
    elainenorthcutt @gmail.com

  • Stephanie E Anthony

    I just learned about generosity365 and just before I paid for a subscription, I saw this notice of dissolution. Could you also let me know about how the resources will (or will not) be accessible or archived before I sign up? I’m sorry I’m late to the excellent resources here. santhony @ foxvalleypres . org

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