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Why should our denomination participate in the ESC Capital Campaign Network?

Congregations and organizations are making more use of fundraising campaign assistance
than ever before, and from an increasing variety of service providers. These providers may or
may not adhere to the standards or expectations set in place by their denomination. The ESC Network of denominational capital campaign professionals focus on relationships, both within and beyond the congregation or organization.

Fundraising campaigns are more than occasions to raise funds for congregational or organizational ministries. They are opportunities to deepen understandings about generous giving and faithful stewardship.

Ecumenical Stewardship Center Capital Campaign Network consultants encourage congregations to view fundraising campaigns as transformational and not merely transactional. Network consultants:

  • have significant expertise in stewardship education in a Christian context;
  • have a commitment to maintaining denominational distinction and relationships;
  • are respectful of faith traditions and understand their importance in congregational and organizational life.

Ecumenical Stewardship Center partner denominations are invited to participate in the Capital Campaign Network. Your denomination can be a member of the Network regardless of whether or not you have capital campaign consultants on your denominational staff. If your denomination has capital campaign consultants on staff, your participation in the Network includes your agreement for your consultants to be available to the Network under the parameters agreed upon by the Network. The Network also provides consultation services to which you can refer congregations and organizations in your denomination with confidence regarding their skills, experience, and commitment to transformational generosity and stewardship. If your denomination does not have consultants on staff, your commitment to referring congregations and organizations from your denomination to the Network is an important contribution.

Ecumenical Stewardship Center Capital Campaign Network members:

  • make decisions together regarding consulting remuneration and other Network guidelines.
  • receive a small portion of consultation fees (beyond consultant remuneration, when applicable) in gratitude for participation in the Network.
  • Renew their commitment to the Network annually.

The Ecumenical Stewardship Center:

  • cares for all administrative activities related to the Network.
  • regularly promotes the Network through various communications venues.

Therefore, congregations and organizations who engage Ecumenical Stewardship Center Capital Campaign Network consultants not only grow their own ministries, but their investment in capital campaign services wholly supports other ministries that encourage generous giving and faithful stewardship as transformational spiritual practices.

We would like more information. What do we do now?

Complete the Request for Contact Form and a Network representative will contact you.

You can download our brochure here to distribute to your denominational leadership.