Faith Dilemmas for Marketplace Christians

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By Ben Sprunger, Carol J. Suter, and Wally Kroeker (Herald Press, 1997) ISBN: 0-8361-9074-2, 80 pp., $7.00US/$12.49CDN

Review by Larry Iverson, synod minister and shared stewardship staff for the Southeastern Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

In his life, Jesus modeled engagement with the world. He met people in their work and daily lives and challenged them to live in a faithful way. This short book of workplace dilemma scenarios encourages us to wrestle with the Christian response to real-life situations.

I recommend this book for workplace discussion groups, Bible studies, senior high youth discussions and other adult forums on workplace ethics. The format of the book is to present a scenario that poses a dilemma, and then offer thought-provoking questions (and sometimes Scripture references) to help in the search for insight. The book does not provide answers, but it does a fine job of engaging our faith and our minds in seeking ways to deal with situations we encounter in our workplaces.

One of the thirteen scenarios ends with the question, What’s harder—knowing the right thing to do, or doing what we know is right? It’s a question that highlights the struggle in the workplace to know to what extent our Christian faith should influence our decisions.

All of the authors of this book are members of Mennonite Economic Development Associates, a three-thousand-member organization that promotes a Christian witness in the marketplace. Whether it is used as a conversation starter or an in-depth study, this book does a great job of raising questions related to workplace ethics.

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