Generosity NEXT

Generosity Next takes place November 29 - December 1 at the United Methodist Church General Board of Discipleship Offices in Nashville, Tennessee. It explores how current culture informs faithful stewardship and generous giving. This year's topic is Stewardship & Generosity: Are We Doing All We Can? Come to Generosity NEXT to

  • Engage with keynote speakers Steve Manskar and Anne Burkholder as we explore John Wesley's well-known sermons about money and their relevance for generous stewards of the 21st century
  • Connect with Christian sisters and brothers who share a passion for faithful stewardship and generous giving • Be inspired through meaningful worship, insightful presentations, and thoughtful conversation
  • Become better equipped to lead others in their discipleship journeys of becoming faithful stewards and generous givers

Onsite registration is just $199.00 and Live Streaming registration is just $99.00.

Online registration is now closed. If you are interested in attending, please call us at 855-278-4ESC or email

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