Generosity NEXT

Generosity NEXT

Stewardship & Generosity: Are We Doing All We Can?

November 29 - December 1, 2017: Nashville, Tennessee


About Generosity NEXT provides the opportunity to explore how current culture informs faithful stewardship and generous giving. Generosity NEXT attendees engage with plenary speakers and with each other on cutting-edge topics. 

Generosity NEXT participants
• connect with Christian sisters and brothers who share a passion for faithful stewardship and generous giving;
• are inspired through meaningful worship, insightful presentations, and thoughtful conversation;
• are equipped to lead others in their discipleship journeys of becoming faithful stewards and generous givers.

Generosity NEXT 2017 Among the staples of stewardship literature, no matter the denomination, is John Wesley’s 1872 sermon “The Use of Money”. His exhortation to gain, save, and give all we can is an easy-to-remember and oft-quoted rubric by which Christians are encouraged to measure their stewardship and generosity.

But in a global society marked by wealth inequity, social injustice, and religious indifference, do Wesley’s words still resonate? Join us at Generosity NEXT 2017 to explore doing all we can to be faithful and generous stewards in the 21st century.


Mark your calendar now! More information will be shared soon.