Generosity NOW Plenary Sessions

“Generosity and the Economy of God”

Presented by Dr. Ann A. Michel
Associate Director, Lewis Center for Church Leadership
Lecturer in Church Leadership, Wesley Theological Seminary

The call to generosity is more than a means to finance the church.  Generosity is an instrument God uses to counteract greed and scarcity, bring forth abundance, and forge the Kingdom. Dr. Michel’s presentation will frame the issue of generosity in broad theological and sociological terms.

Ann Michel is Associate Director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership. She also serves as an adjunct member of the faculty of Wesley Theological Seminary, supporting the Lewis Center’s curricular offerings as a lecturer in church leadership. Dr. Michel spent many years on the senior staff of Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church, most recently as director of mission and outreach. She has experience in a wide range of ministries, including evangelism, communications, adult education, stewardship, women’s programs, homeless ministries, and world service.

“Leadership Essentials for Congregational Stewardship”

Presented by Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr.
Director, Lewis Center for Church Leadership
Distinguished Professor of Church Leadership, Wesley Theological Seminary

Discover four characteristics of effective leadership and how they specifically apply to leading vital, healthy, and fruitful stewardship efforts within congregations.

Lovett Weems is Distinguished Professor of Church Leadership and Director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. He was previously a seminary president for 18 years and served as a United Methodist pastor in Mississippi. Dr. Weems is the author of several books including Church Leadership: Vision, Team, Culture, and Integrity (Abingdon).

“Our Money Story: Shaping Our Response to God's Call”

Presented by Mike Little
Executive Director, Faith and Money Network

Generosity NOW will conclude with an interactive plenary session that includes action and reflection about your personal money story. Clergy and church leaders need to be equipped as teachers, preachers, and evangelists about issues of faith and money. One way for us to lead in this area with deeper spiritual authority is to work with all the ways that we ourselves are not free in areas that are integrally related to money.  In this session, we will reflect on our own money stories and why it is vital that we lead by example.  How do we handle money? What is our theology of money? How are we responsible to our families? How do we live and move around those with more, or less, money than we have? How do we model the use of money in our lives? You will receive helpful insights and practical tools as take-aways to apply in your context.

Mike Little leads the inward and outward work of Faith and Money Network as director. Within the network, Mike fosters relationships with individuals and churches, leading reflections and discussions on the role of money in our lives as people of faith and in our work as the community of faith. Mike is a pastor at Bread of Life Church, one of the eight communities of the Church of the Saviour in Washington DC.


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