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Once, when I was a penny poor student, I was driving on the highway and had a tire blow out on my car. The car turned 180 degrees so that I was facing oncoming traffic in the left hand lane. Fortunately no one was immediately behind me and, stunned as I was, I was able to pull over to the side of the road. I was terrified, miles from school and miles from home. I was also miles from an exit! The shoulder was narrow,
and a sheer rock face made it impossible to turn my car around or even exit the vehicle without putting myself into oncoming traffic lanes. I had no phone, no credit card, and less than $20 in my pocket. My situation looked hopeless!

A passing tow truck operator saw my predicament. His name was Mr. Reed. (After nearly 30 years I still remember his name.) He towed my car to the next exit, and when he learned of my financial situation, he provided a tire and refused to accept any payment or even provide an address so that I could send a thank-you. Shaken, but safe and grateful, I continued on the journey to return to my family.

You could say that I was very lucky that Mr. Reed came along. Not all gifts of grace are so obvious or dramatic, but almost all of us have been the recipient of another person’s generosity.

-Serena Sellers

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