June News: Spirited Generosity Resource for Virtual or In-Person Study, More

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Spirited Generosity

Spirited Generosity explores the history and theology of the offering, its spiritual significance, and best practices for the offering in 21st-century culture. View the videos and selected clips and use the study guides for a virtual or in-person four-week study.
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What Does Faithful Generosity Look Like?

What does faithful generosity look like in this season of uncertainty and anxiety? In some aspects, it looks like it always has: first steps and lasting commitment to the journey are essential. Now, we need to emphasize the faith of longtime faithful generosity: continuing to be generous even when all that we have learned and known feels like it has been turned upside down. We also need to encourage those important first steps in creative ways that we never considered before.
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Resource Review: Faithful Investing

People of faith and entire faith communities alike must consider how the dollars they have been tasked with managing are at work in the world. But the world of investment portfolios and asset management can be an intimidating one to enter. James W. Murphy has assembled a resource to help introduce and guide individuals and communities alike through the potentially complex language and considerations related to managing our money in a way that is aligned with our faith and values.
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