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God has blessed all of humankind with more than enough. Yet God continually surprises us with acts of generosity and moments of compassion that reveal how all are blessed, all are claimed, and all are found in and by God.

Unusually harsh one moment, unusually caring the next, Bobby was a fixture in the neighborhood around the church building. Like a bee, ever hovering, never quite landing, he kept an eye on folks living at the edge of the community. Occasionally he would land in the pastor’s office for a visit and a question. “Do you know Abbie could use some groceries?” “Could you loan me twenty dollars for a week?” “Did you know Matthew was laid off again?” “Brittany doesn’t go to church. Will you talk to her about baptizing her baby?” “Could I get a ride to the doctor?”

One winter day at the back edge of a snow storm, Bobby walked down the middle of the street. The wind was still blowing as the pastor stopped, rolled down the car window, and said, “Hop in.” Bobby said, “No, I’m walking. But wait, I found two dollars in the street. It isn’t mine. Put it in the collection for me. Let God know it’s from me.” He pushed the two soggy bills through the car window. On another day, without thought of knocking, he walked into the pastor’s office and slapped a twenty dollar bill on the desk. He found it, he said, while taking a shortcut behind the church. As before, he added, “It isn’t mine. Will you put it in the collection?”

Months later, still a young man, Bobby died quietly in hospice care. There was no immediate family to claim his body. Two local pastors officiated at his memorial. His girlfriend, her brother, a hospice nurse, two neighbors, and several church members recounted moments of unusual harshness and unusual caring. And then they sang “Amazing Grace.” And in a moment of quiet, one could imagine God saying, “He is mine.”


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