May News: Latest Giving Magazine Looks at Faithful Generosity, More

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Latest Issue of Giving Magazine Looks at Faithful Generosity

As an accompaniment to the Faithful, Hopeful, Loving stewardship resource, the latest issue of Giving Magazine focuses on faithful generosity. Stewardship thought leaders and practitioners from across the Christian community share educational, practical, and inspirational articles to grow faithfully generous givers.


Blog Post: 7 Ways to Transition Your Church Giving Moment & 6 Things You Should Do When You Use Them

In the next few months, your church may transition back to in-person gatherings. During this social-distancing hiatus, you may have added new ways to worship and give. Now is the time to think about how you carry those new ways back to your worship space.

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Resource Review: Six Weeks On Money

Six Weeks on Money is a digital course for churches to offer to individuals, families, and members, customized with your church brand. Six Weeks on Money is designed to help persons dig deeper into their personal money stories and how they relate to their personal financial resources. The six topics–Values, Scarcity, Agility, Integrity, Options, and Giving–contain all the vital components of an effective financial stewardship plan. Each session includes real-life illustrations and case studies, worksheets and practical applications that, when put into practice, are designed to build a solid financial foundation for life.

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