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Edited and compiled by Michael Schut, Morehouse Publishing, 2008, ISBN: 978-0-8192-2327-2

This book is crammed with mind- and heart-stretching quotes like this one from Walter Brueggemann:

The central problem of our lives is that we are torn apart by the conflict between our attraction to the good news of God’s abundance and the power of our belief in scarcity—a belief that makes us greedy, mean, and unneighborly. We spend our lives trying to sort out that ambiguity.

This marvelous anthology of short articles—none more than twelve pages—by theologians (e.g., Ched Meyers, Sallie McFague, Henri Nouwen) and others (e.g., Bill McKibben, Dave Barry, Lester Brown) is designed to help us answer the question, “How much is enough?”

Through most of human history, “more”—that is, “growth”—has meant better. That is no longer true. This book leads us—through looking at ourselves, at our experiences of abundance and scarcity and money, and at the larger context of national and world economics—to the question, “How then we shall live?”

Most section titles are questions:

  • “Abundance and Scarcity—How Do
  • You See?”
  • “Demystifying Money—What Is the Stuff Anyway?”
  • “Is More (Money/Growth) Better?”
  • “Liberation—Whose Voices Are Rarely Heard?”

The book offers no easy answers. But it is a book of hope, because the starting point is God’s abundance.

This book should not be read alone. Only together can we really live. The last fifth of the book is a detailed study guide for groups using the book for a six- to ten-week course. While clearly written from a Christian perspective, the book could well be used by non-church groups.

Review by Hermann I. Weinlick, a retired pastor serving as an ecumenical officer of the Moravian Church–Northern Province.

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