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Live Courageously, based on 1 Timothy 6:18-19 and Psalm 31:24, is the theme for new stewardship resources published by the Ecumenical Stewardship Center. Live Courageously is the fourth in a four-year series featuring the 1 Timothy text. Others are Live Free, Live Simply, and Live Generously.

Ecumenical Stewardship Center resources provide a creative, comprehensive, and thought-provoking approach to encourage generous giving and faithful stewardship. Now in its twentieth year, the Giving: Growing Joyful Stewards in Your Congregation magazine has become a premier stewardship resource for faith communities throughout the US and Canada. Each issue is packed with resources to support stewardship in the local church. Articles explore the intersection of faith and giving, offer practical information on Christian stewardship for all generations, and critique the newest resources on stewardship. Giving includes a center section that outlines an easy-to-use response method for an annual congregational stewardship emphasis which can be used “as is” or supplemented with additional theme materials and the Companion Resource. Writers are thought leaders in faithful generosity and serve in a variety of stewardship-related vocations.

Other Live Courageously resources are Theme Materials and the Companion Resource. Theme materials help congregations customize their stewardship emphasis and increase visibility and awareness and include bulletin inserts, bulletin covers, posters, bookmarks, letterhead and envelopes, and commitment cards. The Companion Resource offers additional worship and study resources.

Materials for all 20 published stewardship themes, each focusing on a different Scripture text, are available in the Ecumenical Stewardship Center web store. All Giving magazines are available in digital format, and most are available in print. Leaders can preview theme materials by purchasing a digital sample packet. Many themes have ready-to-use materials available, or print your own by purchasing a Starter Kit. Most Companion Resources are in digital format only.

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