October News: generosity365 Academy Looks at People-Focused Stewardship

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generosity365 Academy

generosity365 Academies are virtual events that focus on essential topics to help churches and their leaders create a culture of faithful generosity.  The theme for the October 2020 Academy is “People-Focused Stewardship.” Participants will hear from:

  • Catherine Malotky, Grant and Project Manager for the Center for Stewardship Leaders at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, on “Donor-Focused Stewardship”;
  • Gretchen Colon, Senior Consultant at Cramer & Associates in Columbus, Ohio, on “Cheerful & Creative Sparks – Engaging New Stewards”;
  • Tim Schuster, creator of the digital course and group study 6 Weeks on Money, on “3 New Approaches to Cultivating Generous Givers”;
  • Tom Berlin, Lead Pastor at the Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia, on “Faithful Generosity in Uncharted Waters”.

The 3.5-hour Academy will take place on Saturday, October 10, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time. The registration fee is $29.99. Registration closes on Thursday, October 8.

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 Generosity NEXT 2020: Forward /// Together

 In 2017 “Rodriguez” outpaced “Smith” for the first time as the most common surname in the US. Current US census data has also shown that Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial ethnic group in the country. Based on the most recent data in the 2015 Blackbaud Diversity in Giving study, and current demographic trends, both the church and philanthropy are changing, and our data and best practices are not keeping pace.

The Collective Foundation has spent the past several years in a qualitative research project, asking about experiences of fundraising with Christian fundraisers of color. See more about that research. While their data will be released soon to participants and their funders, Forward /// Together will be led by the Collective Foundation and participants of their research, highlighting the process and the voices that are woven throughout their project.

Forward /// Together will take place on Thursday, November 19 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. The registration fee is $49.99. Registration closes on Monday, November 16.

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Lake Institute on Faith & Giving’s New Study:
Pandemic’s Influence on Congregational Finances

Through a recent survey of 555 congregations across the US, the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving asked congregations about their finances during the current pandemic: How have they encouraged giving and managed their resources? How are they looking to the future in terms of giving trends, budget planning, and reopening for in-person services? Key findings include:

  • Since the beginning of the pandemic in March, a slight majority (52 percent) reported an increase in participation;
  • Forty-two percent reported a decline in giving;
  • Small congregations (attendance under 50) were most likely to report declines in participation and giving.

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