Pathways to Generosity Conference Workshops


Time, Talent, Treasure and TESTIMONY: The Importance of Authentic Story in Cultivating Generosity. Aimee Laramore
Director of Seminary Advancement, Christian Theological Seminary
Many people discuss the importance of creating a culture of generosity, very few people address how to create that important culture. In this workshop, we will begin by exploring our own spiritual and cultural relationship with money. Grounded in our own work toward inclusive development practices, we will examine the role of story and testimony in religious practice. Together, participants will discover the importance of community in building a healthy and prophetic vision. We will share the importance of story, vision, and imagination as we offer an overview of the adaptive changes needed for successfully resourcing mission, including practical wisdom and tools for your generosity journey.
Preaching Stewardship James F. Miller
Senior Pastor, Dupage African Methodist Episcopal Church
Director of Stewardship, Fourth District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church
We will explore the scriptures to better define stewardship, and establish a sound doctrine and theology for stewardship. After contextualizing various biblical stewardship episodes and teachings, we will discuss correlations between scripture and current events. All of the gifts of creative expression will be embraced. Prayerfully we will leave equipped and encouraged to preach stewardship in a new and powerful way.
Just Money David Radcliff
Executive Director, New Community Project
For the Christian, how we use everything we have--from money spent or invested in God's creation kept or consumed--is at its root a matter of justice. Does our stewardship of these things move us toward or away from a world of fairness for everyone and a planet that offers its goodness for all--and for coming generations? How do we investigate/invite others to move toward this way of being/giving?
Tell Them a Story: Narrative Budgeting for Generosity Katie Hays
Pastor, Galileo Church
Help your church celebrate the ministry they are empowered to do by pooling their resources, and move away from the whole church going line-by-line through a business-type budget. Tell “tiny stories” throughout the year to make ministry memories that the whole church can share. Learn guidelines for coaching congregation members to tell effective “tiny stories.”
How to Ask Pedro Suarez
Bishop, Florida-Bahamas Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The Era of the Spiritual Entrepreneurs Patrick Duggan
Executive Director, United Church of Christ Building & Loan Fund
The time has come for new models of announcing the gospel, new ways of using money to advance mission, new ways of giving revenue for mission. Here's how and why.
Tapping the Treasure Within Your Congregation Karen Layland
Stewardship Consultant
How do you grow generous giving in your congregation? How do you challenge our members with a new understanding of what it means to be a good steward? How do you tap into the three types of giving opportunities within your church? During this workshop, we will discuss answers to these questions, provide insights into developing new attitudes, suggest approaches that impact every generation within your congregation. This presentation will explore the importance to your church of your annual campaign, major gifts, and legacy giving.
Stewardship and Social Media Tom Morse
Executive, Mission Engagement
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
What makes social media social? How much emphasis should be placed on new media? How can congregations and organizations set realistic goals for their social media presence? In this workshop we'll be exploring these questions and many more to help you make the most of your online efforts.
The New Era of Religious Giving Anne Moman Brock
Program Manager, Lake Institute On Faith & Giving
The changing landscape of religious giving requires stewardship leaders to learn and communicate differently in order to be prepared to engage in effective fundraising. Moving toward a new paradigm of religious philanthropy can create opportunities for congregations and religious organizations to adapt, innovate, and express their vision for the future. This workshop will explore the research and data to help congregational leaders make informed decisions around religious fundraising.
Stewardship Communications Plan Amanda Garcia
Founder and principal executive officer,
Maybe you’re ready to raise some dollars, lead a stewardship education emphasis in your congregation, or get serious about donor appreciation. You’ve got ideas, the best intentions, and a worthy cause--now you just need to tell others about it and invite them to join you. In this workshop we’ll discuss key elements of an effective communication strategy, as well as tips, tools, and best practices that can be used to communicate about stewardship or practically anything else. You’ll leave with concrete action steps toward creating a plan to reach your goals, as well as practical resources to put it in action.
Year-Round Stewardship Bruce Barkhauer
Minister for Faith and Giving
Center for Faith and Giving for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
and Rick Felton
Executive Director, The Episcopal Network for Stewardship
Often when people talk about year-round generosity, they’re worried that every related activity  will be about money. While our relationship with money and its hold on our spiritual lives is important, year-round generosity is about how we see ourselves, our faith communities and our world.  Generosity should be about how we, as Christians, see ourselves as receivers and sharers of God’s awesome abundance.  This workshop will share ideas to teach and inspire generosity throughout the year.
The Offering as Worship Clayton Smith
Executive Pastor of Generosity, United Methodist Church of the Resurrection
Drawing from his experience at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection and its four campuses and ten weekly worship services, Clayton will share best practices and new trends that can enhance the offering time as a worship and celebration experience.
Financial Health & Congregational Wellbeing Beryl Jantzi
Director of Stewardship Education, Everence
Financial health and wellbeing go together in our personal lives as well is in congregational life. This workshop will introduce practical tools to help leadership develop a year-round program that looks at how to ensure financial sustainability. Helping members with their own financial wellbeing is one step in that direction. In addition we will discuss the importance of a clear vision statement, the value of a narrative budget, learning how to thank generous donors, and curriculum for teaching biblical stewardship.
Stewardship of Creation Phoebe Morad
Executive Director, Lutherans Restoring Creation
While being a good steward of natural resources works for the financial bottom line, discover how integrating an ethos of earth keeping can enhance all facets of your congregational life. You will learn (and practice) skills in bringing the outside in to your church. Rather than any new committee or emerging program to develop, we will explore the potential to enhance the existing pillars of your community. View the areas of worship, facilities, education, personal discipleship, and public witness through a lens of ecological concern for all. 
Fiduciary Responsibility Melvin Amerson
Stewardship Services Consultant, Texas Methodist Foundation
This workshop is designed for persons who are responsible for the handling and administration of funds in their roles as financial secretary, treasurer, or finance chair. Attendees will discover and discuss practices that build and maintain trust and integrity of churches and organizations in a time of increased accountability and transparency.
Bridging the Generosity Gap Laura Dierke
Director of Product Development & Management, Thrivent Financial
Different generations view generosity differently. This matters to churches! Learn about findings and resources from a recent study by Barna research, commissioned by Thrivent Financial. 
Lead a Revolution in Giving and Generosity Scott McKenzie
Senior Vice President & Partner, Horizons Stewardship
The Generosity Revolution workshop will lead you in the steps necessary to conduct not a stewardship campaign, but a revolution in giving and generosity.
Engaging Your Church with Technology to Grow Generosity Tim Heustess
Denominational Manager,
ACS Technologies
Technology can help a church not only become more efficient in managing information, but also become more effective in ministry.  Connecting, engaging and communicating with the church body is needed to support not just the mission of the local church but also the Church as a whole.  This workshop will share how easy-to-use mobile tools can engage your church body to improve communication, giving, and discipleship. You’ll   also learn how these tools can be instrumental in reaching    millennials, who are in the largest population group in the US.
The Spiritual and Practical Dimensions of the Gift of Legacy The Very Rev. David Hodges
President and Chief Development Officer, The Saint Francis Foundation
and John Hoskins, Senior Philanthropic Advisor, The Saint Francis Foundation
Explore legacy giving as a spiritual and stewardship decision while examining the practical aspects to encourage legacy giving. David Hodges will look at the ersonal spiritual growth, teaching, and preaching opportunities that will serve as a resource for stewardship leaders. John Hoskins will explore the practical aspect of legacy giving with 10 strategies that will help promote and strengthen legacy giving as part of year-round stewardship.

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