Reflections on Faith and Finances

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by Charles Lane

40 pages

In this brief and tangible guide, Lane shares practical and helpful tools on understanding our relationship between our faith and finances. He pulls from his book Ask, Thank, Tell
and cuts to the chase in this small, yet poignant reflection. Beginning with a universal definition of “gift”, he explores how by its very definition, our ability to have feeling or judgment of how gifts are to be used is removed once we relinquish ownership. Quickly he moves to clarify that it’s not that way with God … at all. In fact, “God continues to own everything.”

Lane goes on to biblically make the argument for the importance of Christian stewardship. He wastes no time drawing modern day parallels and raising questions on how
we choose to use our resources. He closes with the Portrait of a Biblical Giver and gives six characteristics of how a ‘good steward’ presents. This is an excellent resource for congregations and small groups as it is steeped in scripture and causes the reader to prayerfully reconsider their own faith relationship with giving and stewardship. For the novice, it’s a good starting point and for the lifelong giver, it reaffirms their walk with God.

Reviewed by Rev. Morgan Dixon, Church Administrator and member of the Youth Ministry Team for the DuPage AME Church in Lisle, Illinois. She has served as an
African Methodist Episcopal Church denominational representative to the National Council of Churches. Morgan is a member of the Ecumenical Stewardship Center
Resource Editorial Team.

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