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Resources with a focus on the Bible and/or extensive scripture references.


Resources designed for children or with a focus on children


Resources designed for congregations or with a focus on congregations

Creation Care:

Resources with a focus on topic like caring for the environment and/or our stewardship of creation as a whole.


Resources with a focus on giving.


Resources that approach topics like stewardship and giving from as a whole, thematic perspective rather than focused on specific details.


Resources with a focus on investing.


Resources with a focus on leaders or created for use by leaders

Money Management:

Resources with a focus on topics like how to manage your money and accounting.

Simple Living:

Resources about topics like budgeting and dealing with possessions


Resources with a focus on stewardship


Resources that are a workbook or contain a study guide, questions or exercises accompanying sections.

All Resource Reviews

  • StewardShift: An Economia for Congregational Change - 252 pages StewardShift: An Economia for Congregational Change by Bob Sitze is more than a breath of fresh air; it’s a much-needed alternate viewpoint on the practice of stewardship. Full of descriptive suggestions and reflective questions, it points to “stewardship wisdom” currently being explored and experienced outside the church. God’s revelation is open-ended, the book says, and is not limited […]
  • 55 and Counting: A Guide for Pre-Retirement - by Gerald W. and L. Marlene Kaufman 176 pages There is more to planning for retirement than your financial nest egg. When preparing for the transition to retirement many focus their attention on fund balances in individual retirement accounts and 401ks. With the question of “Will I have enough saved to retire?” looming large in the […]
  • Reflections on Faith and Finances - by Charles Lane 40 pages In this brief and tangible guide, Lane shares practical and helpful tools on understanding our relationship between our faith and finances. He pulls from his book Ask, Thank, Tell and cuts to the chase in this small, yet poignant reflection. Beginning with a universal definition of “gift”, he explores how by its very definition, […]
  • Faithful Investing: The Power of Decisive Action and Incremental Change - People of faith and entire faith communities alike must consider how the dollars they have been tasked with managing are at work in this world. But the world of investment portfolios and asset management can be an intimidating one to enter. James W. Murphy has assembled a resource to help introduce and guide individuals and […]
  • Six Weeks on Money - In the field of stewardship education, a growing number of resources are being written and disseminated. This is a good thing. Enter Six Weeks on Money, a resource for individual or group use developed by Tim Schuster, most recently a Strategic Development Consultant for Thrivent Financial. He describes his program as a financial education program. […]

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