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Resources with a focus on the Bible and/or extensive scripture references.


Resources designed for children or with a focus on children


Resources designed for congregations or with a focus on congregations

Creation Care:

Resources with a focus on topic like caring for the environment and/or our stewardship of creation as a whole.


Resources with a focus on giving.


Resources that approach topics like stewardship and giving from as a whole, thematic perspective rather than focused on specific details.


Resources with a focus on investing.


Resources with a focus on leaders or created for use by leaders

Money Management:

Resources with a focus on topics like how to manage your money and accounting.

Simple Living:

Resources about topics like budgeting and dealing with possessions


Resources with a focus on stewardship


Resources that are a workbook or contain a study guide, questions or exercises accompanying sections.

All Resource Reviews

  • Congregations at the Crossroads: Remembering to Be Households of God - By Ronald E. Vallet. (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1998), ISBN: 0802813670, 256 pp. $29 US Review by Herbert Mather, director of stewardship for the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church Here is a book that does not fit the mold. It is both faithful and practical. Most of […]
  • Plain Talk About Churches and Money - By Dean Hoge, Patrick McNamara, Charles Zech. (Bethesda, Maryland: Alban Institute, 1997), ISBN: 1566991854, 138 pp., $15.75 US Book review by Jerry Dean Weber, a development officer for the PCUSA Foundation This book by Dean Hoge (professor of sociology, Catholic University of America), Patrick McNamara (professor of sociology, University of New Mexico), and Charles Zech […]