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Resources with a focus on the Bible and/or extensive scripture references.


Resources designed for children or with a focus on children


Resources designed for congregations or with a focus on congregations

Creation Care:

Resources with a focus on topic like caring for the environment and/or our stewardship of creation as a whole.


Resources with a focus on giving.


Resources that approach topics like stewardship and giving from as a whole, thematic perspective rather than focused on specific details.


Resources with a focus on investing.


Resources with a focus on leaders or created for use by leaders

Money Management:

Resources with a focus on topics like how to manage your money and accounting.

Simple Living:

Resources about topics like budgeting and dealing with possessions


Resources with a focus on stewardship


Resources that are a workbook or contain a study guide, questions or exercises accompanying sections.

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  • Stu Bear: A Story about Stewardship for Young Children - by Lynn Williamson Delgado, 1995, Presbyterian Church (USA), PDS 70370-95-207, 1-800-524-2612. Review by Rosemary Widmer, staff member of College Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana. A castaway bear, Stu Bear is buried at the bottom of a toy box in the church nursery. Some young children discover him there and rescue him from the dark corner […]
  • A Christian View of Hospitality: Expecting Surprises - By Michele Hershberger. (Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Herald Press, 1999), ISBN: 083619099, 284 pp., $10 US paperback Review by Marta Poling-Goldenne, director for witness ministries in the Division for Congregational Ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Michele Hershberger plumbs the depths of Scripture, contemporary church life, ancient and current cultural rituals, and the ever-present abundance […]
  • Speaking of Stewardship: Model Sermons on Money and Possessions - edited by William G. Carter. (Geneva Press: Louisville, 1998), ISBN 0664500315, 137 pp. $20 US Review by Juanita Weaver, an adjunct professor of speech communication at Temple University and a consultant for The Giving Project: Growing Faithful Stewards in the Church William Carter is pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Clark Summit, Pennsylvania, and trustee of […]
  • Congregations at the Crossroads: Remembering to Be Households of God - By Ronald E. Vallet. (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1998), ISBN: 0802813670, 256 pp. $29 US Review by Herbert Mather, director of stewardship for the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church Here is a book that does not fit the mold. It is both faithful and practical. Most of […]
  • Plain Talk About Churches and Money - By Dean Hoge, Patrick McNamara, Charles Zech. (Bethesda, Maryland: Alban Institute, 1997), ISBN: 1566991854, 138 pp., $15.75 US Book review by Jerry Dean Weber, a development officer for the PCUSA Foundation This book by Dean Hoge (professor of sociology, Catholic University of America), Patrick McNamara (professor of sociology, University of New Mexico), and Charles Zech […]