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Resources with a focus on the Bible and/or extensive scripture references.


Resources designed for children or with a focus on children


Resources designed for congregations or with a focus on congregations

Creation Care:

Resources with a focus on topic like caring for the environment and/or our stewardship of creation as a whole.


Resources with a focus on giving.


Resources that approach topics like stewardship and giving from as a whole, thematic perspective rather than focused on specific details.


Resources with a focus on investing.


Resources with a focus on leaders or created for use by leaders

Money Management:

Resources with a focus on topics like how to manage your money and accounting.

Simple Living:

Resources about topics like budgeting and dealing with possessions


Resources with a focus on stewardship


Resources that are a workbook or contain a study guide, questions or exercises accompanying sections.

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  • The Passionate Steward: Recovering Christian Stewardship from Secular Fundraising - Michael O’Hurley-Pitts: St. Brigid Press, 2001 “Secular fundraising models… fundamentally undermine the Christian values we profess individually and communally…[Stewardship is] a matter of living out our vocation as Christians,… not grounded in…individual rights, but in the idea of gratitude for our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer and the inherent dignity which belongs to every human being” […]
  • Propel: Good Stewardship, Greater Generosity - Clayton Smith, Abingdon, 2015 You’ll get down-to-earth guidance in Propel: Good Stewardship, Greater Generosity. Author Clayton Smith is executive pastor of generosity at the Church of the Resurrection United Methodist Church, a vanguard in generosity ministry. This slim-but-packed book is a training and planning tool for your local church stewardship and generosity team, finance committee, […]
  • Embracing Stewardship: How to Put Stewardship at the Heart of Your Congregation’s Life - Charles R. Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy, Embracing Stewardship LLC, 2016 Embracing Stewardship is an excellent resource encouraging the church to recapture the true meaning of not just the word but the concept of Christian stewardship. Ms. Pomroy is financial education specialist for Portico Benefit Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Rev. Charles Lane has served […]
  • Beyond Stewardship: A Church Guide to Generous Giving Campaigns - John Zehring and Kate Jagger, Judson Press, 2016 Beyond Stewardship: A Church Guide to Generous Giving Campaigns is a hands-on text filled with practical advice for an extensive annual stewardship program, including financial commitments to God’s work through the church. The book gives a two-pronged approach. First, it stresses a theological emphasis on abundance instead […]
  • The UNkingdom of God - By Mark Van Steenwyk, Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2013 Mark is founder and pastor of Mennonite Worker, a small intentional community (commune) in a poorer neighborhood of Minneapolis. The second and fourth chapters of Acts portray the church after Pentecost as a community of radical simplicity and sharing. While not evident much in the rest […]