Theme Materials

Theme Materials are one of three components of the Ecumenical Stewardship Center stewardship tool kit which will help you custom design your congregation's stewardship program. Available materials are bulletin inserts, letterhead, envelopes, bookmarks, commitment cards, posters, bulletin covers, and theme logos. All items are sold in quantities of 25 with the exception of posters and the logos which are sold singly.

Digital Sample Packets are an ideal way to introduce an annual stewardship theme to your stewardship committee.  A Sample Packet includes one preview item of each theme material product and an order sheet to order additional items. (You also can place your order right here in the ESC Web Store.)

Starter Kits that include digital files that you may use to print quantities of the materials. Search by theme in our Web Store for a complete list of materials that feature a particular theme. Starter Kits are delivered via e-mail.  

The Companion Resource with even more ideas, tips, sermon outlines, offertory prayers, Bible studies, and children's sermons--all related to the theme--is also available.

Giving magazine, theme materials, and the Companion Resource provide comprehensive and customizable stewardship materials that will challenge and encourage church leaders and the faith communities they serve to transform their congregations through generous giving and faithful stewardship.

The Ecumenical Stewardship Center is pleased to offer ready-to-use, quality resources to encourage generous giving and transformative stewardship in faith communities, and digital copies of those resources to meet basic communications needs. However, we realize that at times resources are desired in special formats to meet particular needs of a congregation. To inquire about a special request, click here.

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*ATTENTION CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE US: your order will not be processed until we have calculated and confirmed your additional international shipping costs. For the most efficient service, please place your order via e-mail to or via phone or fax toll-free (US and Canada) to 855-278-4372. Please see our Contact Us page for office hours. We will contact you to confirm your shipping charges and any other details regarding your order.