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It is easy—and perhaps inescapable—for a Christian leader to become encased in a bubble of loneliness. If such leaders explore the Bible, they will find themselves in good company.

For leaders with responsibilities related to stewardship ministry, the loneliness can feel even more acute. Sometimes this loneliness is very real: at other times, imagined. Cultures of secrecy and scarcity related to money create barriers to encouraging generosity. Fears about lack of financial knowledge and understanding of stewardship as a spiritual discipline cause anxiety to bubble up, if you will.
In the most recent issue of Giving Magazine, fifteen stewardship thought leaders and practitioners from more than a half-dozen faith traditions provide thoughtful, practical, and inspirational ways to effectively serve as a steward leader. You’ll find advice specifically for clergy and suggestions of ways that clergy and lay leadership can work together, breaking down the barriers of secrecy and changing mindsets from scarcity to sufficiency. Writing a money autobiography can help leaders understand their personal history and experiences with money, replacing fear with knowledge. Articles about volunteering and generosity of time remind us that not all generosity is financial, and all giving should be celebrated.

As steward leaders, consider this: your stewardship ministry is not really about gifts, ministry, mission, and program. It’s about helping those in your charge discover the joy of stewarding well what they have been given and the holy pleasure of Christian generosity. Putting real faces on your stewardship ministry can be the bridge to get you out of your bubble and engaged with your congregation and community. Subscribe to Giving Magazine today to be encouraged in this important work to which you have been called: helping the church thrive as it learns to live generously.

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