A Stewardship Prayer

God, you give good gifts to me,

This I live so gratefully

You enrich all my days,

Now I come to sing your praise.



Praise for life and friends and food,

Praise for giving all that's good.

Praise for Jesus Christ your son,

Praise for loving everyone.

Now I come to give myself,

Give my time and give my wealth.

Give my gifts as generously

As, O God, you give to me.

May my life and all I give

Help this world to richly live.

May all greed for things decrease

That your people live in peace.

As a steward help me live.

Help me care and help me give.

Help me share your gifts with all.

Help me answer to your call.

You are calling and I hear.

In your presence, I come near.

Come with gifts that they may be

Consecrated, God, to thee.

--Earl D. Miller

This stewardship prayer is from Volume 3 of the Giving: Growing Joyful Stewards in Your Congregation magazine. Nine additional stewardship prayers and prayer suggestions are published in this issue. The Giving magazine, accompanying theme materials, and the Companion Resource provide a comprehensive assortment of resources to develop a customized stewardship program for your congregation. Learn more and order in the ESC web store.