Time Warped: First-Century Time Stewardship for Twenty-First-Century Living

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by Steve Ganger (Herald Press, 2004)

Review by Leonard Dale, stewardship specialist for the Central States Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Steve Ganger believes that being good stewards of our time brings us closer to God. His book emphasizes holistic stewardship, which looks at the interconnectedness of relationships, money, health, talents, and time. One of the challenges for busy modern day people is the appropriate use of the time God has given. Time Warped looks at society’s inclination toward busyness and offers practical steps for seeking God’s wholeness. No one who keeps a schedule, has a PDA, or looks for free time in their daybook can argue with the principles Steve Ganger lifts up.

Less is more, balance is normal, the tyranny of time, the real meaning of rest and solitude, and living only for today are the foundations of this workbook. Because each chapter ends with questions, the book can be used for personal reflection or group discussion. The author also directs each reader to complete a time chart and develop a personal time plan.

This book is an invitation to take a serious look at your time. As Ganger says, Jesus’ invitation to come to him and receive rest still stands—it is time for you to RSVP.

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